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Second Meeting of the Study Group “The Value of Europe”

After the first meeting in October 2012, the study group on “The Value of Europe“ met for the second time on 13 December 2012 at the Institut für Europäische Politik. The expert group seeks to determine the value of Europe in an inter­dis­ci­plinary study that features selected topics and policy areas such as the euro and the citizenship of the European Union. The first meeting focused on the conceptual design of the study and on questions of content and format, as well as on the structure. Furthermore, the partic­i­pants invited additional experts to partic­ipate as authors. The study group now includes in-house researchers from the Institut für Europäische Politik as well as external experts on economics and law.

During the second workshop, the authors presented and discussed their first drafts. The mutual comments and sugges­tions will be integrated into the revised versions of the contributions.