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“Europa von A bis Z”

Photo: Inga Kjer/IEP

“Europa von A bis Z” is the reference book for under­standing Europe. In more than 100 contri­bu­tions, renowned European experts build on their sound academic under­standing of the European Union and explain and elaborate in an under­standable way relevant key topics and terms from politics, economy, and history of European integration. This pocketbook is published in an updated and extended 15th edition and addresses anyone inter­ested in Europe looking for a reliable source on the current debate on the future of the European Union.

“Europa von A bis Z” Revised

For its 15th edition, the concept and content of “Europa von A bis Z” have been substan­tially revised.

In order to keep up with European integration repre­senting a moving target, which the devel­op­ments since the previous edition highlight, “Europa von A bis Z” is now published by “Springer Nature”. Changing the publishing house on the one hand creates the benefit of publishing “Europa von A bis Z” as “living edition” online on ”SpringerLink”. This way, authors can contin­u­ously update their contri­bu­tions and take new devel­op­ments into account also in the short term. On the other hand, “Europa von A bis Z” is also published as print edition.

The first contri­bu­tions have already been published online in spring 2019 before the European elections. Further contri­bu­tions are being added contin­u­ously. In spring 2020, the process for publishing the first print edition with “Springer Nature” has been initiated. At the same time, new important devel­op­ments in the European Union are taken into account and feed into the online publi­ca­tions on an ongoing basis. All online contri­bu­tions that have been published so far are available here.

Recent devel­op­ments in European integration also required a substantial revision of the content of the 15th edition of “Europa von A bis Z”. Evalu­ating the current relevance of different topics, the list of contri­bu­tions has been extended so that there is now a total of 103 contri­bu­tions (and thus 27 contri­bu­tions more than in the previous edition). All contri­bu­tions are struc­tured identi­cally and contain the following elements:

The abstract, the keywords and the recom­mended liter­ature of the “living edition” on ”SpringerLink” are available free of charge for all Internet users. Users who themselves or whose insti­tu­tions have a paid account for ”SpringerLink” can in addition access the entire articles.

The New Edition Contains:

Living Edition

“Europa von A bis Z”
Edited by Weidenfeld, Werner; Wessels, Wolfgang; Tekin, Funda
15th edition, Springer VS, Wiesbaden
Online ISBN: 978–3‑658–24456‑9

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Print Edition/eBook

“Europa von A bis Z”
Edited von Weidenfeld, Werner; Wessels, Wolfgang; Tekin, Funda
15th edition, Springer VS, Wiesbaden 2020, approx. 29.99 €
Print Edition ISBN: 978–3‑658–24454‑5
eBook ISBN: 978–3‑658–24455‑2

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“Europa von A bis Z” is a project of the Institut für Europäische Politik in cooper­ation with the Center for Applied Policy Research (C.A.P.) of the Ludwig-Maxim­ilians-Univer­sität München ( and the Centre for Turkey and EU Studies (former Chair for European Politics) of the University of Cologne ( “Europa von A bis Z” receives funding from the German Federal Foreign Office. The IEP alone is respon­sible for the contents.