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Enlargement, Neighbourhood and Central Asia

The enlargement of the European Union is one of the strategic issues of our decade. Since July 2013, the EU has consisted of 28 member states with other candidate states preparing for EU accession. Under the European Neigh­bourhood Policy (ENP), the EU also tried alter­native approaches to manage and develop its relations with countries in Eastern Europe, the Southern Caucasus and the Mediterranean.

Since 1989, the ‘Institut für Europäische Politik’ (IEP) has analysed the reorga­ni­zation of relations between the Community and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) through several research projects and with the involvement of colleagues from accession countries who continue to monitor progress. The IEP continues the work consid­ering the omen of the EU-28. The following dimen­sions of enlargement and deepening will be recon­di­tioned concep­tually and empirically: