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Since its creation in 1959, the IEP has been active in the education sector of European policy. Knowledge about the EU, based on research results, is imparted through:
Events, EU Approx­i­mation Trainings for Candidate Countries, Online Academies, Negoti­ation Training, and Simula­tions of European and Inter­na­tional Issues.

The main focus is on cooper­ation with countries of Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe. Special EU training programmes are developed and held on all aspects of the EU-acquis, inter alia as part of the German contri­bution to the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe.


External teachings of IEP-Research Associates

Master­pro­gramme in europäischen Studien und inter­na­tionalen Beziehungen (Centre inter­na­tional de formation européenne) Institut für Politik­wis­senschaften (Eberhard Karls Univer­sität Tübingen) Europawis­senschaften Berlin (Freie Univer­sität Berlin, Technische Univer­sität Berlin, Humboldt Univer­sität Berlin) Jean Monnet Lehrstuhl (Univer­sität zu Köln) Jean-Monnet-Lehrstuhl (Univer­sität Passau) Lehrstuhl Politik …

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