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International Summer School on Sustainable Development

As part of its work on “EU Energy and Climate Policy”, the Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP) organizes, in close cooper­ation with the European Academy Otzen­hausen (EAO) and the University of Trier, the annual “Inter­na­tional Summer School on Sustainable Devel­opment”. The one week-long Summer School covers different topics relating to European and Inter­na­tional policies on energy and climate protection. It takes place at the renowned European Academy Otzen­hausen (, a place known for its excellent working and housing conditions.

The event is intended for graduate students, PhD students, young researchers in Political Science, European Studies and Economics and young profes­sionals. It gives partic­i­pants the oppor­tunity to exchange ideas with renowned academics, high civil servants and politi­cians closely involved in European policy-making. Furthermore, the programme includes time for partic­i­pants to present and discuss their own projects, thereby broad­ening and furthering their own research. Besides lectures and presen­ta­tions, the Summer School offers a large range of recre­ational activ­ities as well as several excur­sions throughout the region. Working language is English.