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New Policy Paper on Think Tanks in Ukraine published

A new policy paper by Sergiy Zayets, Regional Centre for Human Rights (Kyiv), on “Imposition of Citizenship as a new Human Rights Violation and a Means of the Aggressive Expansion by the Russian Feder­ation in the Context of the Occupation of Crimea“ has been released in the framework of the project “Think Tanks in Ukraine: Strength­ening expertise and promoting European cooper­ation“. This project is led by the Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP) in cooper­ation with the Ilko Kucheriv Democ­ratic Initia­tives Foundation (DIF), and is supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.


Numerous human rights viola­tions have been observable in Crimea since its annex­ation by the Russian Feder­ation in 2014. Among these is the forced adoption of Russian citizenship vis-à-vis the residents of Crimea under condi­tions that preclude willful choice. Moreover, the imposition of Russian citizenship has been effected in an occupied area that does not belong to the sovereign territory of the Russian Feder­ation. Russia has thus inter­fered in both the private lives of Crimea’s population as well as the internal affairs of Ukraine. In order to prevent future repeti­tions of these actions, this situation demands an urgent resolution. The analysis of these circum­stances in the context of inter­na­tional human rights norms makes it possible to petition judicial or quasi-judicial insti­tu­tions for the protection of the rights of each person affected by the actions of the Russian Feder­ation. In doing so, an inter­na­tional dialogue aims for a solution may be set into motion.

The complete policy paper can be found in German as a PDF file.