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Call for Applications: Skills Workshop on “Research in Think Tanks: Developing Your Own Research Design”

Young researchers and analysts working in Ukrainian research insti­tu­tions and think tanks are warmly invited to apply for the workshops “Research in Think Tanks: Devel­oping Your Own Research Design & Quali­tative Data Analysis” which are taking place in Kharkiv, 14/15 May 2019 and Lviv, 21/22 May 2019. The workshops are organised within the framework of the project “Platform for Analytics and Inter­cul­tural Commu­ni­cation”.

During the workshop, the partic­i­pants will focus on devel­oping their own research design and the role of quali­tative methods in (policy) research. During the first part of the workshop, the partic­i­pants will learn how to sketch a well-designed research proposal and will address following questions among others: What is a research puzzle? How do I determine my research question? Which role does theory play? Which methods will allow me to properly answer my research question and how do I write an abstract?

The second part of the workshop focuses on the opera­tional­i­sation of the newly gained knowledge on own research intia­tives. The following questions will be addressed: Which kind of data do I need to have in order to answer my research question? Which data collection methods are feasible? What is a case and how do I get from case to method? Moreover, the partic­i­pants will discuss about profes­sional scien­tific standards and will be intro­duced to the specific data analysis methods and the of use digital tools within the analysis process.

The working languages will be Ukrainian & English. Appli­ca­tions will be possible until 30 April 2019 via the following link: (eng). Please note that appli­cants are required to indicate a brief research idea which will be elabo­rated upon during the workshop. Inter­ested persons from the regions are highly encouraged to apply. The organ­isers will compensate for travel and accom­mo­dation costs for the duration of the training.

Attention: The regis­tration form is the same for both workshops. Please select the city in regis­tration form.

The project “Platform for Analytics and Inter­cul­tural Commu­ni­cation” (PAIC) aims at promoting profes­sional expertise among Ukrainian think tanks, creating synergies between German and Ukrainian think tanks and trans­ferring knowledge about devel­op­ments in Ukraine to Germany. PAIC is conducted in close cooper­ation with the Ilko Kucheriv Democ­ratic Initia­tives Foundation (DIF, Kyiv) and the think tanks devel­opment and research initiative think twice UA (Kyiv) and is kindly supported by the Federal Foreign Office.

In case of questions or inquiries, please contact: Andrii Sukharyna ( or Mona Richter (