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TF Foreign Policy

The EU goes global! Estab­lishing the EU as an inter­na­tional player is our goal. For with its current foreign policy archi­tecture, the European Union is not up to current and future global challenges. If the EU wants to influence world events in the 21st century, it must strive for reforms. We have developed a vision for this!

We, Carmen Gersten­meyer, Christian Kiefer, Franziska Petri, Daniel Schade and Elisabeth Weißwange, are a small group of young academics and practi­tioners who share a passion for European foreign policy. We see ourselves as Europeans and our approach as a European perspective. Therefore we say: Alter­native Europe — EU goes global!

The discussion paper on European foreign policy can be found here: ALTEU! EU goes global: Die Europäische Union als inter­na­tionalen Akteur stärken!