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EUCACIS in Brief No. 7: Magda Arsenyan — The development of Parliamentary Culture from an Axiological Perspective: Interview with Mariam Margaryan

The transition to the parlia­mentary system of government is a real challenge for the Armenian political system and for society. Even after the “Velvet revolution”, the current state of political relations between parlia­mentary parties, an increasing public mistrust towards the author­ities, the depen­dence of civil society organizations—which is a result of cohesion with the author­ities—, and the manip­u­lation of the public discourse led to a shrinking effec­tiveness of the parlia­mentary gover­nance, and to an enhancement of a “super prime-minis­terial” system or “prime-minis­terial dicta­torship.” Taking into regard the necessity to re-evaluate the impor­tance of the devel­opment of parlia­mentary culture, the interview explores the essence of parlia­mentary culture and the cultural perspective of the devel­opment in general.  Furthermore, it outlines the obstacles, precon­di­tions and necessary steps that will foster the continuous democ­ra­ti­sation of parlia­mentary gover­nance in Armenia.

EUCACIS in Brief No. 7 can be downloaded here.