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Ein verpasster Verfassungsmoment: Der Vertrag von Maastricht und die europäische Öffentlichkeit (1988–91)

In the crisis of 1989/90, the negoti­a­tions on the Maastricht Treaty offered ideal condi­tions for a European consti­tu­tional moment. But the public debate remained fragmented and focused on national interests — not least because of inter­gov­ern­mental proce­dures, which gave more news value to the diplo­matic context than to the consti­tu­tional content of the reform. With a detailed exami­nation of the German, French and British press debates on this issue, Manuel Müller provides empirical insights into a key phase of EU integration. Moreover, it offers analytical re-concep­tu­al­i­sation of the condi­tions of a European public sphere and of the relationship between political proce­dures and discourse structures.

The publi­cation is part of the series Europäische Schriften, Bd. 99

Manuel Müller:

Ein verpasster Verfas­sungsmoment: Der Vertrag von Maastricht und die europäische Öffentlichkeit (1988–91)

2021, 796 pages

ISBN print: 978–3‑8487–6514‑0
ISBN online: 978–3‑7489–0600‑1

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