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Das Governance-System der GSVP. Die Rolle des EU-Satellitenzentrums und der Europäischen Verteidigungsagentur

A “second wave” of theoret­i­cally informed research on the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) indicates that those admin­is­trative EU-bodies, that were created to support decision-making and imple­men­tation in the inter­gov­ern­mental field of CSDP, perpet­ually exceed their formal tasks and manage to profoundly shape the policy field. This book looks into whether such phenomena can also be observed with regard to the – so far widely unexplored — agencies EU Satellite Centre (EUSC) and European Defence Agency (EDA), using quali­tative methods to trace potential processes of social­ization and autonomi­sation. Thus, this book contributes to uncov­ering of the factual functioning of the CSDP gover­nance-system as well as to the advancement of the theoret­i­cally informed debate on CSDP.

Dr. Alexandra Jonas:

Das Gover­nance-System der GSVP. Die Rolle des EU-Satel­liten­zen­trums und der Europäischen Verteidigungsagentur

2015, 312 S., Broschiert,
ISBN 978–3‑8487–1830‑6

(Reihe Europäische Schriften Bd. 96)

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