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A Youth Policy Dimension of EU-Central Asia Relations

Foto: David Mark/Pixabay

Brief Summary

To increase the effec­tiveness, efficiency and visibility of the EU’s new policy for Central Asia, it is necessary to define clear prior­ities within the broad strategic framework provided by the 2019 EU Central Asia Strategy. Against the backdrop of the young popula­tions of the five Central Asian countries, the IEP Policy Paper on Eastern Europe and Central Asia No. 1/2021 reasons that the EU and its member states should establish a youth policy dimension as a new priority of their relations with Central Asia. Based on the findings of a study commis­sioned by the German Federal Foreign Office, the paper summa­rizes the relevance and the challenges of youth policy for Central Asia before recom­mending to prior­itize three tasks: (1) Setting up the youth policy dimension in Central Asia Relations; (2) Investing in regional youth cooper­ation, with a focus on education; (3) Estab­lishing a Youth Fund for Central Asia.