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German-Nordic-Baltic Forum 2015


On 19th and 20th November 2015 the seventh German-Nordic-Baltic Forum took place in the facil­ities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark in Copen­hagen. The Conference was entitled “The EU at a Crossroad? German, Nordic and Baltic Views on Internal and External Challenges” and brought together over 40 experts from science and politics coming from the three Baltic States, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Germany.

On this occasion the forum highlighted current topics on the European agenda and future perspec­tives of European integration process. The discussion focused on national minorities within the European Union, the prospects and challenges of the Eastern Partnership, a strategy for European foreign, security and defence policy and finally, the future challenges of European integration. The Forum started with an insightful opening debate, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Kristian Jensen, and the Minister of State for Europe of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, Michael Roth. They under­lined the European political prior­ities and put emphasis on the oppor­tu­nities for even closer German-Nordic-Baltic partnership.

The German-Nordic-Baltic Forum was organized in cooper­ation with the Danish Institute for Inter­na­tional Studies and with financial and personnel support by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, the German Federal Foreign Office, the Danish Ministry of Defence and the German Embassy to Denmark in Copenhagen.

You will find more infor­mation in the detailed report.