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German-Hungarian Forum, 19. Annual Conference

The 19th Annual Conference of the German-Hungarian Forum took place on 20 and 21 November 2009 at the Andrássy University in Budapest. Main points of discussion were the challenges on the fields of economy, society and foreign policy. This year’s forum’s headline “20 years of reunited Europe: an analysis and assessment from a Hungarian and German perspective” provided the partic­i­pants with the oppor­tunity to discuss current issues of European integration. There were discus­sions on the economic and financial crisis, the common European Danube Strategy, the future of the Western Balkans, the relations of the EU to its Eastern neigh­bours and perspec­tives for a harmo­nized European education policy.

Download the conference programme and a detailed conference report (both in German).

By: Thomas Schüler