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German-Hungarian Forum, 15th Annual Conference

The 15. Annual Conference of the German-Hungarian Forum took place on 9–10 December 2005 under the headline “The Future of the EU after Enlargement — German and Hungarian Orientations”.

9–10 December 2005, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, H‑1051 Budapest, Roosevelt tér 9

In 2005, the 15. Annual Conference of the German-Hungarian Forum took place in Budapest at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on the banks of the Danube.

The foreign ministers of both countries, Ferenc SOMOGYI and Frank Walter STEINMEIER, spoke to the opening plenary on about current questions of European policy and about their expec­ta­tions for the upcoming Brussels summit, which will seek to reach an agreement on the financial perspective for 2007–2013.

Additional subjects of this year’s forum included the debate on the future of Europe and the EU consti­tution, the revival of the Lisbon Strategy and the global challenges for the foreign and security policy of the EU-25.

More than 300 experts from politics, business, academia and the media partic­i­pated in this bilateral dialogue.