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First Vigoni Lecture with EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger and Minister of State Dr. Werner Hoyer, 12 December 2011, Berlin

Through this new event series supported by the Federal Foreign Service, the IEP continues to expand its German-Italian dialog and makes it acces­sible to a wider audience. This reinforces their tradi­tional partnership with the German-Italian insti­tution Villa Vigoni and will be instru­mental in making its work known far beyond the meeting center at Lake Como.

The first Vigoni Lecture, with over 200 attendees, empha­sized the impor­tance of the German-Italian relationship and the combined effects of both countries on European issues. Featuring EU Commis­sioner Oettinger and Minister of State Hoyer, prominent and knowl­edgeable speakers discussed current events in national and European politics, ranging from the economic situation in Italy and Germany in regards to the debt crisis in the Eurozone to the challenges in the field of energy policy.

The first Vigoni Lecture laid the corner­stone for a regularly occurring lecture event featuring prominent figures and is to be continued in 2012 in Rome. It demon­strated not only the strengthened need for dialog in light of the change in government in Rome, but also the great need to provide a forum in which the audience can exchange views and learn about the interests, politics and attitudes of the “other” side.