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Civil Dialogue on „Europas Grenzen – Wir müssen reden!“ in Freiburg

The Institut für Europäische Politik operating under the leadership of Europa Union Deutschland (EUD) invited all those inter­ested to a civil dialogue on „Europas Grenzen – Wir müssen reden!“ on 10 November 2016 in Freiburg. In the course of the current refugee crisis, borders are estab­lished in Europe again. How do we deal with the internal and external borders in the European Union? What is the situation with regard to the EU’s capacity for action and internal solidarity? Is the European project reaching its limits? Partic­i­pants discussed these and other questions with experts and policy makers.

The civil dialogue started with a brief panel discussion. Dialog partners were the State Councilor for Civil Society and Civic Partic­i­pation Gisela Erler, the Freiburg Government President Bärbel Schäfer, Dr Jörg Bentmann from the Federal Ministry of the Interior, and Joachim Menze, Head of the Repre­sen­tation of the European Commission in Munich. Subse­quently, open talks with other experts took place in theme rooms on the following topics:

  1. Schengen in a conflict of interest: chances and challenges of open borders
  2. Integration or disin­te­gration: Europe as economic and social area
  3. Border regions – labora­tories of European integration

The complete program can be found below. We also invite you to a discussion after the event on

Further infor­mation about the event and about the EUD series can be accessed at: