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Report on Citizen Dialogue: „Europas Grenzen – Wir müssen reden!“ in Erfurt

Europa-Union Deutschland (EUD) together with Institut für Europäische Politik invited citizens to debate on about European internal and external borders in the dialogue forum „Europas Grenzen – Wir müssen reden!“ in Erfurt on 15th March, 2016. Issues discussed were the future of Schengen, the European Refugee Policy, the freedom of movement and the economic and social oppor­tu­nities of a united Europe. Furthermore, the question was raised, when the European project will be stretched to its limits. What is the state of the EU’s ability to actEU-agency? Is there still solidarity between member states? And what will the future hold for the European idea?

At the dialogue forum, citizens discussed with politi­cians and experts about the future of Schengen, the freedom to travel, the even more funda­mental freedom of movement, and also, how the migration crisis can be coped with on a European level. Will Europe become “Fortress Europe”? Are there viable alter­na­tives? Do we need once again border controls, walls and fences? Or do these devel­op­ments, in fact, jeopardise European solidarity and in the end maybe even our freedom? What about the achieve­ments of free movement and open borders?

Upcoming civil dialogues on the topic “Europe’s Borders” will take place on May 4 in Augsburg and on May 26 in Hamburg.

You can find a report about the event on the EUD-website.

Further infor­mation about the event and EUD citizens dialogues are available here.