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Annual meeting: “The progressive politicization of the European Union — actors and patterns of conflict”

In collab­o­ration with the Academic Advisory Board of the Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP) and the Arbeit­skreis Europäische Integration (AEI), the IEP hosted the 2015 Annual Meeting on the topic “The Progressive Politi­cization of the European Union – Actors and Patterns of Conflict”. The meeting took place on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th October 2015 in Berlin at the Permanent Repre­sen­tation of Saarland to the Federal Government. About 50 academics and practi­tioners were highly involved with the topic. In the first panel, the panelists tried to define the term “politi­cization” and its future relevance. The experts recom­mended open and public discussion in order to overcome populism and decreasing turnout in Europe. The second panel addressed the topics “Grexit” and “Brexit”: Panelists discussed how likely a Greek withdrawal from the Eurozone or a British exit from the European Union would be. Moreover, the discus­sants outlined possible future scenarios for the EU. Partic­i­pants in the third panel discussion examined the possible causes for Euroscep­ticism and right-wing populism. Especially the refugee and financial crisis were considered to be reasons for the emerging distrust of European citizens towards the EU. As a result of the discussion, the panelists spoke out in favor of more European cooper­ation and crisis management. The fourth and final panel dealt with the chances and problems of the Transat­lantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the United States and Europe. Partic­u­larly, the public presen­tation and specific regula­tions were regarded as critical. Economic arguments alone were not enough to persuade EU citizens. Rather, this agreement should be to seen as a chance to grow together.

Furthermore, the conference was completed by a speech by Steffen Kampeter, MP and former Parlia­mentary State Secretary. Kampeter outlined possible future steps for integration and devel­opment of the European Economic and Monetary Union.

The annual meeting was supported by the Federal Foreign Office and the European Commission.

For more infor­mation about the specific topics please refer to the program.

Below you can find the detailed report as a PDF, and photos of the event.