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8th Franco-German Dialog on the Future Capability of Europe: “Which Europe should it be — New Leitbilder for the EU?

Given the European Union crisis triggered in 2005, a funda­mental debate on the Leitbilder of the EU is on the agenda.

Which vision and which goals can be pursued in the European project? What does the EU do — in terms of the challenges of global­i­sation, the roll of Europe in the world and the relationship of the political elite to the citizens? How can the EU again became capable and attractive in the future? Which Europe do we want?

These questions form the focus of the the discus­sions at the 8th Franco-German Dialog. This conference, created by the ASKO EUROPA Foundation in 1999, has meanwhile become one of the most signif­icant civil society Fora for topics related to the future Europe. This year’s conference will also feature numerous German, French and other European experts from politics, academia, the media and business, who will debate with one another in both working groups and podium discussions.

ASKO EUROPA Foundation, Saarbrücken; in cooper­ation with: Institute for European Politics (IEP), Berlin; Franco-German Institute, Ludwigsburg; Chair for Foreign Policy and Inter­na­tional Relations, Univer­sität Trier; Centre Inter­na­tional de Formation Européenne, Nice/ Berlin

German, French (Simul­ta­neous translation)

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