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Summer School 2010: A Sustainable Energy Policy for Europe — Political, Social and Economic Implications

The fight against global warming, the creation of an integrated energy market and the interest in securing energy supply have been the paradigms of European energy policy for some years. A sustainable energy policy should deliver answers on all of these aspects, while, at the same time, being sustainable with a view on future genera­tions. In recent years, some topics have turned out to be crucial for a sustainable energy concept: Energy efficiency, the deployment of renewable energies and the support of energy technology and research. Improving perfor­mance on all these aspects could finally lead to the decar­bo­ni­sation of the power sector and a better use of finite resources. Nevertheless, the precon­di­tions for such a energy revolution are enormous. It requires massive grid exten­sions, the use of infor­mation and commu­ni­cation techno­logies in energy supply and public incen­tives for research in new techno­logies, just to name a few.

The 3rd Inter­na­tional Summer School on Sustainable Develo­pment will discuss these questions in detail. In a first step, the requi­re­ments for such a new energy policy will be analysed. Which reforms are needed, in order to reach a sustainable energy policy? In a second step, parti­ci­pants will go deeper into detail, look at the different aspects of a new energy concept and analyse the impli­ca­tions of such a policy reform on different levels. It will be supported by field trips in order to under­stand the local impli­ca­tions of major policy changes on the European level. During the whole Summer School, parti­ci­pants will be asked to contribute to the debate and invited to develop a common under­standing of what measures are possible, required and promising, in order to make Europe ready for a new energy policy.

The Summer School comprises lectures given by well-known academics, politi­cians, repre­sen­ta­tives of industry and NGOs. The program leaves enough time to discuss each lecture in detail and also includes excur­sions throughout the region. Parti­ci­pants conducting research in this field are welcome to present their projects during the Summer School. The best project will receive the “European Sustaina­bility Award” sponsored by the EUROPEAN ACADEMY OTZENHAUSEN.

The 3rd Inter­na­tional Summer School on Sustainable Develo­pment is organized by the EUROPEAN ACADEMY OTZENHAUSEN gGmbH, the INSTITUT FUER EUROPAEISCHE POLITIK (IEP), Berlin, and the UNIVERSITY OF TRIER. After a successful start in 2008, this year´s Inter­na­tional Summer School will be the third event in a 3‑years-cycle covering different aspects of sustainable energy policy for Europe. It will take place at the renowned EUROPEAN ACADERMY OTZENHAUSEN (, a place known for its excellent working and housing conditions.

Parti­ci­pants should be graduate students, PhD students, young resear­chers in Political Science, European Studies and Economics as well as young professionals.