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Study Programme on European Security (SPES)


The Study Programme on European Security (SPES) is aiming at the promotion of the respective work of young academics and young profes­sionals from Central and East European EU member states, Eastern ENP countries and Russia. Programme fellows will also be given the oppor­tunity to establish stronger links with “West European” research networks and thereby to feed their views into the debate on the future of Europe and its security policy.

Thematic Framework

The thematic framework of the SPES programme covers a list of concrete issues going beyond day-to-day politics and looking ahead to European security in 2020/30. This list includes the following thematic clusters:

The above mentioned themes are dealt with in an EU-perspective or in the perspective of the appli­cant’s country or region by addressing particular concerns or expec­ta­tions with respect to the future security role of the European Union in a challenging and constantly changing world.

Programme Structure and Target Group

The programme runs over 18 months (February 2009 — August 2010) and combines the production of policy papers with research stays in Berlin and short study trips for inter­views and research to Brussels.

Research Grants and Research Stay

The selected fellows of the research and study programme work on a certain topic of the thematic framework at their home insti­tution and deliver a publi­cation-ready policy paper of about 25 pages within a given timeframe. In return, they will receive a quali­fi­cation-oriented individual research grant depending on whether they are PhD candi­dates, post-docs or young academic professionals.

Additionally, the programme will cover the costs for travel and accom­mo­dation for the research stay in Berlin, including per diems, and the study trip to Brussels. The research stay of three to four weeks at IEP is basically used for strength­ening the argument of the paper through in-depth discus­sions with highly qualified and experi­enced experts of IEP. In addition, the fellows have the oppor­tunity to attend smaller workshops at IEP with the partic­i­pation of experts from other Berlin based think tanks or universities.


Each individual policy paper will be published by IEP in a special, widely distributed and estab­lished series via internet. The dissem­i­nation of the views and assess­ments of the SPES fellows could have a positive impact on the inner-European debate on European Security Policy — a dialogue which is still too dominated by West European and transat­lantic experts and academics.


Project Team:
Prof. Dr. Mathias Jopp
Dr. Elfriede Regelsberger
Mariella Falkenhain