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Third episode of the IEP podcast “Eurasia on the Move”!

The third episode of the podcast series “Eurasia on the Move” offers our listeners insight into the EU’s anti-corruption promotion in the Republic of Moldova. Widespread corruption continues to have detri­mental effects on the country’s internal devel­opment and hampers the EU integration process. The EU and the Council of Europe constitute two key actors who aim at combatting corruption in Moldova through different mecha­nisms, although they encounter limita­tions. Eliana Coraci and Mihai-Razvan Corman, two of our Eurasia Lab Fellows, will lead us through their research on the existing efforts to tackle corruption. They specif­i­cally highlight that the potential of the EU to make an impact varies in the different policy areas.

Eliana Coraci is a research fellow at the Moldovan-German Forum (MGF) in Chișinău and project manager for #WeWatch, a project that aims to fight disin­for­mation by fostering infor­mation literacy among young people providing a partic­i­pative approach to capacity building.

Mihai-Razvan Corman is a research fellow and project manager at the Moldovan-German Forum in Chișinău working on the project of “Devel­oping the rule of law and strenght­ening anti-corruption measures in the sector of public procurement in the Republic of Moldova”.

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