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The new IEP podcast “Eurasia on the Move” is out!

IEP’s new podcast series “Eurasia on the Move” offers insights into contem­porary political and social devel­op­ments in the countries of Central Asia, the Southern Caucasus and Eastern Europe. Experts share their personal experience and expertise on the dynamics in the region and their meaning for the European Union’s relations with the countries. They are currently working on a research project that analyzes devel­op­ments that move the region. In the podcast series, they elaborate on the aims and methods of their project, present initial results and offer practical advice to other researchers.

Eurasia on the Move · Belarus

“Eurasia on the Move” is the podcast for everyone inter­ested in the current trends and devel­op­ments that are shaping the Eurasia region in regard to democ­ra­ti­zation, the rule of law, civil society and human rights: whether you are a researcher and want to gain new insights for your own research or whether you are just inter­ested in this vibrant region of the world.

The countries of the Eurasia region are currently experi­encing trans­for­mative political and socio-economic devel­op­ments in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, political conflict, the fight against corruption as well as the engagement of civil society actors. IEP seeks to connect researchers working on these issues, to establish further under­standing of these processes and to strengthen the EU’s relations with these countries.

The podcast is hosted by IEP’s “Eurasia Lab & Fellowship Program” and moderated by Yvonne Braun, research associate at IEP.

You can find “Eurasia on the Move” on:

The first episode of “Eurasia on the Move” takes a closer look at the devel­op­ments in Belarus after the presi­dential election in August 2020 and how civic initia­tives have stepped in to help shape the political debate and the process of democ­ra­ti­zation. To learn more about the situation, we interview two of our EurasiaLab fellows, Vasil Navumau and Olga Matveieva, who have made this topic the subject of their research project. They talk about how they experi­enced the protests that emerged after the election, give us a perspective on how the devel­op­ments in Belarus are unfolding and what possi­bil­ities for change they see for the country’s path to democracy.

Dr Vasil Navumau is a visiting fellow at the Center for Advanced Internet Studies (Bochum) and civic activist. He is an author of a monog­raphy and several publi­ca­tions on protest movements in Belarus, Russian disin­for­mation in Belarus.

Dr Olga Matveieva is an associate professor at the Institute for Public Admin­is­tration. Her research interests include e‑governance, contentious politics, gender issues, global challenges to public admin­is­tration system.

This podcast is part of the “Eurasia Lab & Fellowship Program” which is supported by the Open Society Founda­tions (OSF). The opinions expressed by the project and its publi­ca­tions may not reflect OSF’s views.