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TF Publicity

The Task Force Public has set itself two goals: 1) to make the ALTEU! project known in Germany in a creative and effective way and 2) to commu­nicate the results of the ALTEU! working groups (visions) to decision makers in politics. We would like to achieve the first goal in particular through the launch of this website and the organi­zation of various events such as “Cycling for Europe”. The second goal is to publish a manifesto that will be presented to German politi­cians after the 2017 federal elections and will provide long-term content and recom­men­da­tions for the 2019 European elections.

The group consists of political scientist Tatjana Kuhn (CIFE), European studies scholar Carolin Marx (IEP), historian Richard Steinberg (IEP / University of Hamburg) and media geographer Fabian Weber (IEP).