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Second workshop of the “EAO – focus on European politics education 2016–2020“ project


The European Academy Otzen­hausen (EAO) hosted the second workshop within the framework of the “EAO – focus on European politics education 2016–2020” on June 28th and 29th 2016. The project is run by the ASKO Europa-Stiftung (AES) and the EAO in cooper­ation with the Institute for European Politics (IEP). Based on the findings of the previous workshop in Saarbrücken in April 2016, fifteen partic­i­pants from the EAO, ASKO Europa Stiftung, and Young European Feder­alists (JEF), discussed European politics with repre­sen­ta­tives of the IEP and academics. The objective was to identify subjects, which would become increas­ingly relevant for the educa­tional purposes of the EAO.

The overar­ching categories were defined as the following:

Dr. Otto Schmuck (Vice President of the Union of European Feder­alists, Europe of its citizens), Professor Dr. Siegfried Magiera (University of Speyer, Europe of freedom), and Angelika Schenk (M.Sc. University of Bremen, Europea as a social union) attended the working groups as experts.