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Second episode of UkraineMEMO published: Crimea — occupied but not lost

The integrated web player will take you directly to episode #2 of our UkraineMEMO podcast with the title “Crimea — occupied, but not lost”. We hope you enjoy listening!

IEP-Podcast UkraineMEMO · #2: Die Krim – besetzt, aber nicht verloren

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In the second episode of UkraineMEMO we are looking at the situation in Crimea. The focus is on two topics:  First, the Crimean Platform, a new Ukrainian foreign policy initiative. It is intended to facil­itate the reinte­gration of the peninsula and provide the insti­tu­tional framework for a regular exchange at a high diplo­matic level between Ukraine and its European and inter­na­tional partners. Secondly, the decision of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) on 14 January 2021 to accept Ukraine’s case against Russia. This means that in the coming months the Court will examine Russia’s respon­si­bility for human rights viola­tions in Crimea that occurred after 27 February 2014.

Our inter­viewees in the current episode are:

Emine Dzhaparova — First Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. She oversees the Crimean Platform in the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the interview with Emine Dzhaparova we talk about the goals of the Crimean Platform and what role Germany and the inter­na­tional community should play in it.

Sergiy Zayets — lawyer and expert in the field of human rights from Kyiv. As a lawyer, he is handling several individual complaints before the European Court of Human Rights. From him we would like to learn about the signif­i­cance of the Court’s decision on the situation in Crimea and what similar­ities there are between the Georgian and Ukrainian state complaints against Russia.

With its podcast “UkraineMEMO: Inter­views, Analysis, Policy Advice”, the IEP presents new perspec­tives on Ukraine, the most populous and largest country by area within the Eastern Partnership. Especially since the Revolution of Dignity in 2014, Ukraine has been under­going profound social change.

With inter­esting guests from Germany and Ukraine, Ljudmyla Melnyk and Silke Nauschütz discuss new devel­op­ments in the areas of Ukrainian politics, economy and society and thus provide an insight into the events on the ground that are moving the country. They also keep a close eye on Ukraine’s relationship with Germany and Europe.

The podcast is part of the project “German-Ukrainian Researchers Network” (GURN 2). The aim of the project is to promote bilateral dialogue between German and Ukrainian think tanks and to strengthen expertise in the field of policy analysis. GURN is imple­mented in close cooper­ation with the Ilko Kucheriv Democ­ratic Initia­tives Foundation (DIF, Kyiv), the Think Tank Devel­opment and Research Initiative think twice UA (Kyiv), the New Europe Center (NEC, Kyiv) and with the kind support of the German Federal Foreign Office.