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The European Union and Russia in Eastern Europe and the Southern Caucasus: Integration rivalry between East and West?

The crisis of the EU-Russia relations of the last two years has shown the need for scien­tific research and network building in order to encourage once more the improvement of the East-West relations. The Ukraine crisis revealed a growing interest within the European Union not only to propose attractive cooper­ation offers to the Eastern Partnership countries, but also to include and support them based on an own interest. At the same time, there is a widespread disagreement how Russia should be dealt with. The reason for this is the fact that the European Union and Russia, within the common neigh­borhood, currently seem to be in an acute phase of integration rivalry on a geopo­litical-strate­gical and economic level. Nonetheless, the EU-Russia relations are consti­tutive for a peaceful coexis­tence and a stable European continent.

The research project’s aims are subdi­vided into three. During the first step a review of the already existing research and networks in Germany will be prepared. The second step includes the same review with regard to the European Union. Within the last step the reviews will be spread amongst inter­con­nected scien­tists in Eastern Europe and Russia in order to reflect the perception of European politics. Finally, these steps will lead to the elabo­ration of common research questions which then will be treated in common publications.

The project of the Europawis­senschaftliches Netzwerk Deutschland (END) is supported by the Arbeit­skreis Europäische Integration (AEI) and the Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP) alike. The research project is part of the programme “Dialogue Europe of the Otto Wolff Foundation“. It continues the work of the preceding IEP research project “The policy of the EU toward Eastern Europe and Central Asia – A key role for Germany”. Within its framework, sessions of the study group “Enlargement / Neigh­bourhood Policy” as well as lunch debates are conducted and publi­ca­tions are being issued. The internet publi­cation “EU-28 Watch” offers regular reporting of key national debates on deepening and reforms inside the European Union as well as on enlargement and the European Neigh­bourhood Policy.

Here you will find more project activ­ities: Lunch DebatesStudy GroupsEU-28 Watch

Project team:

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Peter-Christian Müller-Graff
Prof. Dr. Mathias Jopp
Dr. Katrin Böttger
Dr. Frédéric Krumbein