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SEnECA – Strengthening and Energizing EU-Central Asia Relations

The relations to Central Asia are an important element of the changing transat­lantic and geopo­litical setting the EU is currently facing. They are influ­enced by the role the rest of Asia and other world powers play in the region, which the EU has to take into consid­er­ation while focusing on its compar­ative advan­tages. The main objec­tives of SEnECA are to strengthen and energize EU-Central Asia relations by estab­lishing a sustainable, trans­dis­ci­plinary SEnECA Research Network and the SEnECA Stake­holder Network to link European and Central Asian researchers, policy makers and stake­holders in order to improve research cooper­ation as well as to develop a common SEnECA Agenda for Future Research Cooper­ation and to recommend future prior­ities and means of imple­men­tation for the EU’s Central Asia Policy by setting up the SEnECA Policy Roadmap. The Central Asia Commu­ni­cation Strategy for dissem­i­nation and awareness-raising will promote the impor­tance of Central Asia to Europe among scholars, policy-makers, stake­holders in education, media, civil society and the EU public sphere notably through the SEnECA Exhibition. SEnECA will thus ultimately strengthen capac­ities in research and policy advice through the SEnECA Academic Policy Advice Training. Within two years, twelve consortium members from think tanks, univer­sities and NGOs in Europe and all Central Asian states build on their Trans-European and Central Asian network with research insti­tu­tions in 41 European, Central Asian and other Asian countries. Through its activ­ities, SEnECA maps existing networks of researchers of Central Asian Studies in Europe and European Studies in Central Asia and key actors in education and media active in EU-Central Asia relations to analyse research cooper­ation, policies and commu­ni­cation on Central Asia to set up the SEnECA Research Database which forms the basis for recom­mending prior­ities and new forms of scien­tific cooper­ation following the “blended research” approach and demand-driven policy advice based on an inclusive approach to EU policy-makers and stake­holders active in EU-Central Asia relations.


01.01.2018 — 31.12.2019


Katrin Boettger
Julian Plottka
Yvonne Braun
Ekaterina Smirnova

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EU FlaggeThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 770256.