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Recognising Europe’s Value

Professor Dr. Mathias Jopp, Director of the IEP, has wrote an article for the magazine 51° of the Stiftung Mercator dealing with the topic: „Recog­nising Europe’s value.“ In the article, Jopp criti­cizes public debates that focus mainly on the costs of Europe. The political value of Europe, enclosing peace, recon­cil­i­ation, recog­nition, unity and integration is unrec­og­nized in this discussion. Meanwhile, Germany profits most from the monetary union and the internal market in the EU. Moreover, positive (economic) devel­op­ments in other member states are not equally recog­nized by both the media and the public. The main reasons for this lack of knowledge are based on deficient infor­mation, a lack of trans­parency as well as an insuf­fi­cient commu­ni­cation process between politics and public.