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Leitbilder for the Future of the European Union — Dissenting Promoters of Unity

An ever growing European Union (EU)” Treaty reforms, EU-budget negoti­a­tions and Euro-zone enlarge­ments: European integration was put to a great test at the beginning of the 21st century. How were these devel­op­ments and especially the way to the Lisbon Treaty experi­enced in different EU member states” How did the variety of actors in seven exemplified countries react to these changes and a growing hetero­geneity within the EU” How did they thus formulate their ideas for the future of the Union, their Leitbilder”

The approach of this research origi­nates in the basic assumption that Leitbilder can be seen as a key factor in the devel­opment of the EU. Such Leitbilder contain conceptual state­ments dealing with the under­lying insti­tu­tional and consti­tu­tional construction of the EU and its potential finalité. They can also relate to elements of the integration process, for example specific policy areas. The analysis of Leitbilder in old and new EU member states answers the questions in which way the spectrum of the Euro-political Leitbilder changed with enlargement and if, as a conse­quence of poten­tially increasing hetero­geneity within the EU, there are foreseeable tendencies of greater fragmen­tation, conti­nuity or reinvention.

Leitbilder for the Future of the European Union — Dissenting Promoters of Unity
Gesa-Stefanie Brincker / Mathias Jopp / Lenka Anna Rovná (Hrsg.)
2011, 420 p.,
ISBN 978–3‑8329–4845‑0
(Reihe Europäische Schriften, Bd. 90)