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Intensivierte Partnerschaftsmodelle zwischen der Europäischen Union und ihren Nachbarn: Welche Optionen unterhalb der Vollmitgliedschaft sind denkbar?

The current world and regional political situation does not only pose a challenge for inner EU integration processes but also attracts attention for the external dimension of integration and the design of political cooper­ation in the neigh­boring spaces of the EU. This article proposes a system of graduated, differ­en­tiated connec­tivity options. In this scenario, European neigh­borhood policy would depart from the schematic “one-size-fits-all” blueprint to an instrument of inten­sified partnership models. In consid­er­ation of the legal and political parameters as well as the risks of differ­en­tiated models, this paper develops possible models for inten­sified partnership and its insti­tu­tional design. These models should give thought-provoking impulses for research and politics on how the individual require­ments, interests and possi­bil­ities of the neighbors of the EU as well as its member states could best be satisfied. In perspective, models of completely independent partnership commu­nities could evolve.

The paper can be downloaded here.