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IEP Policy Brief on Eastern Europe and Central Asia No. 3 pulished

The third policy brief within the series “IEP Policy Briefs on Eastern Europe and Central Asia” deals with the “Elements for an Eastern Partnership Plus A New Associ­ation Package for Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine”.  Katrin Böttger (IEP) and Cristian Ghinea (CRPE) argue that even though the Eastern Partership (EaP) can be considered a success, it has reached its limits in the current form. In conse­quence the two authors recommend to focus more on the Associ­ation Agree­ments (AA) with the EU, signed by Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine.  In this paper Böttger and Ghinea make several sugges­tions for a New Associ­ation Package within the framework of the Eastern Partnership Plus.