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EUCACIS Online Paper No. 11: Non-Recognized States, Security Threats and Post Conflict ‘Stateness’: The Quartet of post-Soviet Space

The way of formation of statehood and ‘stateness’ is rather long and compli­cated for countries, that have not been recog­nized yet. Their additional diffi­culties for ‘stateness‘ are condi­tioned by challenges and conse­quences of conflict, stringent limitation of inter­na­tional relations, lack of experience and knowledge of how to build a sovereign state. The paper proposes an integral model of assessment of ‘stateness’, the so-called ‘Peace Index’ to compre­hen­sively capture the levels of ‘stateness’ of such states. The index is discussed based on the examples of four non-recog­nized states of Post-Soviet space: Nagorno-Karabakh, Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Transnistriа.

EUCACIS Online Paper No. 11 can be downloaded here.