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EUCACIS in Brief No. 2: Sergey Yun — Some European—Eurasian perspectives on regional integration

The author offers a brief analysis of two integration projects in Eurasia – Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and China’s Silk Road Economic Belt initiative. He scruti­nizes the different approaches to integration among the EAEU member states. What’s more, he sees the interests of other countries in cooper­ation with EAEU as an indicator of the Union’s economic viability. The author also claims that the EU’s reluc­tance to estab­lished official ties with EAEU is seen in Moscow as being driven by geopol­itics, which the EU itself always condemns. For the Silk Road Economic Belt, he explains the reasons for Russia’s skepticism related to this particular project.

EUCACIS in Brief No. 2 can be downloaded here.