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EUCACIS in Brief No. 15: Janny Hollstein – The Crisis in Kyrgyzstan: The Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Society and Culture — Interview with Florian Coppenrath

On 18 March, Kyrgyzstan confirmed the first three cases of the Covid-19 pandemic. The country has declared a state of emergency and and closed its inter­na­tional borders. As of 30th June, Kyrgyzstan counted 5296 confirmed cases of Covid-19, 2370 recov­eries and 57 covid-19 related deaths. A containment of the spread of the virus in the Central Asian country is currently not foreseeable. Florian Coppenrath, who is conducting field research in Bishkek, discusses his experience and obser­vation on how the pandemic unfolded during the past months in Kyrgyzstan.

EUCACIS in Brief No. 15 can be downloaded here.