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EUCACIS in Brief No. 13: Tajikistan‘s Predictable Parliamentary Elections and the Presidential Election Later This Year

Tajik­istan just held its first parlia­mentary elections since the country’s main opposition party lost its regis­tration and was declared an extremist group in 2015. As expected, President Emomali Rahmon’s party received the most votes, maintaining its dominance in a parliament that is anyway packed with deputies from other pro-presi­dential parties. The March 1 elections further cemented Rahmon’s hold on power and paved the way for him to do whatever he wishes when Tajik­istan holds its presi­dential election in November this year. And Rahmon, who has been in power since 1992, must decide to whether to run for fifth term in office or install a successor.

EUCACIS in Brief No. 13 can be downloaded here.