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EUCACIS in Brief No. 10: Magda Arsenyan — New Challenges of Armenian Parliamentarism and Multiparty Democracy

The final achievement of the political struggle of the opposition leaders and civil society actors of the non-violent, velvet and popular revolution in April-May 2018 in Armenia were the early parlia­mentary elections held on December 9, 2018. According to the public opinion these elections should have been the momentum of democ­ratic reforms. However, the newly elected political authority has made a reverse turn into the past starting a fight against the leaders of previous political elites. This policy endangers the future of democracy and the devel­opment of parlia­mentary culture, as most of the public resources is being consumed on populism, discred­iting and political perse­cution of the previous political elites. Since the “Velvet Revolution”, the creation of “anti-heroes” has become the only successful way towards the mainte­nance of political legit­imacy. Current political processes show that there is a deep abyss between the state­ments of “velvet movement” and current policy of “Civil contract” party. This hinders the imple­men­tation of revolu­tionary citizenship-centric ideas, of democ­ra­ti­zation, the trans­for­mation of the parlia­mentary form of government, and of deepening the European integration processes.

EUCACIS in Brief No. 10 can be downloaded here.