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Panel discussion “Which Europe do we want to live in? Visions for a future Europe” within the framework of IEP’s project “Alternative Europa!” in Saarbrücken

Within the frame work of the project “Alter­native Europa!” the Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP), the European Academy in Otzen­hausen (EAO) and Europe Direct Saarbrücken organized a panel discussion on the topic “Which Europe do we want to live in? Visions for a future Europe” on 25 July 2017 in Saarbrücken (in German).

In a lively debate with over 100 partic­i­pants on the history, present and future of Europe the following discus­sants took part:

The discussion was moderated by Sabine WACHS of the Saarländischer Rundfunk.

The panel discussion was part of the project “Alter­native Europa!” which was launched by the IEP together with Junges Europawis­senschaftliches Netzwerk (JEN) of the Europawis­senschaftliches Netzwerks Deutschland (END) and the EAO in cooper­ation with the Arbeit­skreis Europäische Integration (AEI), the Centre Inter­na­tional de Formation Européenne (CIFE), the Junge Europäische Föder­al­isten (JEF), the project “TruLies: The Truth about Lies on Europe”, Polis 180, the University of Hamburg and the University of Hildesheim.

For further infor­mation please check the Future Workshop report, the program or the website of Europe Direct Saarbrücken.