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New paper within the framework of the project “Ukrainians in Poland and Germany” published

UA: Ukraine Analytica, Issue 2 (4) 2016.

Within the framework of the joined research project “Ukrainians in Poland and Germany – Civic and Political Engagement, Expec­ta­tions, and Courses of Action”, Ljudmyla Melnyk, Magdalena Patalong and Richard Steinberg published a new paper on the topic “Ukrainian Diasporic Community in Germany: Main Charac­ter­istics and its Engagement for its Home Country”. The paper, which was released in the current issue of the Ukrainian online journal UA:Ukraine Analytica, deals with the role of the Ukrainian “diasporic community” in Germany:

„During Euromaidan and its aftermath, the Ukrainian community in Germany experi­enced the emergence of new non-state actors: civically engaged Ukrainians, forming a new diasporic community. Based on the research project “#EngageEUkraine – Engagement of Ukrainians in Poland and Germany”, the paper examines selected aspects of the study. By asking if the diasporic community could act as a new homogenous non-state actor, the analysis shows that such potential exists: with their activ­ities, the diasporic community does not only indirectly contribute to the democ­ra­ti­zation of Ukraine, but at the same time acts as a cultural bridge between German and Ukrainian societies, thereby poten­tially contributing to the improvement of relations between both states. Therefore, its support should also be of interest to Ukrainian government.”

Please find the paper on UA:Ukraine Analytica.