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Interview with IEP’s Anne Bercio on “Quality Infrastructure” trainings in Ukraine

Anne Bercio, Senior Project Manager at the Institute for European Politics (IEP) gave an interview to the independent Ukrainian news channel Hromadske Inter­na­tional, an online start-up that now broad­casts in Ukrainian, English and Russian. In the show “RE:FORMA“, that is also shown in the first national Ukraine TV, Anne Bercio talks about her work.

At IEP’s Capacity Building Anne Bercio organises compre­hensive trainings on “Quality Infra­structure” for the Ministry of Economic Devel­opment and Trade of Ukraine (MEDT). The training is targeted to foster insti­tu­tional capac­ities of MEDT and all linked insti­tu­tions dealing with technical regulations.

Watch the Ukrainian version of the interview here or on the YouTube channel of Hromadske (the interview starts at 15:33).