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Issue 4/2017 of integration published

In the new issue of integration, Funda Tekin explains the basic principles and concepts of differ­en­tiated integration in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice and focuses on the member states’ dilemma between their problem solving instinct and their sover­eignty reflex. Otto Schmuck analyses the White Paper of the Commission on the Future of Europe and the corre­sponding reactions of the heads of state or government of the member states, EU insti­tu­tions, academia and EU citizens. Jana Windwehr and Manuel Wäschle discuss the conse­quences that the European Union’s ongoing and multi­di­men­sional crisis and the associated changes of the European “rules of the game” – summed up under the contro­versial heading New Inter­gov­ern­men­talism – could mean for Europeani­sation processes and research. Neil Winn and Stefan Gänzle discern the impact of the new 2016 Global Strategy for the European Union’s Foreign and Security Policy on the EU’s evolving strategy towards Central Asia and the South Caucasus by focusing on the changing geopo­litical context as well as domestic factors in the target countries and the EU itself. The issue contains also a summary of the second inter­na­tional conference of the PhD Support Programme ‘The EU, Central Asia and the Caucasus in the Inter­na­tional System’ and the ‘Arbeit­skreis Europäische Integration’ reports on confer­ences about current economic policy challenges for Europe and EU-Turkey relations.

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