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IEP contribution in “Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society“ published

Magdalena Patalong and Richard Steinberg published an article together with Andriy Korniychuk of our partner the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA), Warsaw, in the most recent issue of “Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society“. The volume by Timm Beichelt and Susann Worschech deals with the transna­tional aspects of the situation in the Ukraine and the Ukrainian diaspora under the title “Transna­tional Ukraine? Networks and Ties that Influence(d) Contem­porary Ukraine“.

The article, which was concieved in the course of the project “Ukrainians in Poland and Germany – Civic and Political Engagement, Expec­ta­tions, and Courses of Action” was origi­nally presented at a conference of the Frankfurt Institute for Trans­for­mation Studies (FIT) and the The German Associ­ation for East European Studies (DGO) in November 2015 (find a report here). The article presents single aspects of this overall project and focuses partic­u­larly on the transna­tional character of the Ukrainian diaspora in Poland and Germany.

Infor­mation on the volume and order details are available on the website of the publisher ibidem.