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New project in cooperation with Pulse of Europe

On 10 July 2018 the project HomePar­lia­ments by Pulse of Europe was presented publicly for the first time. Over 700 citizens and enthu­si­astic Europeans got together in St. Paul’s Church in Frankfurt, Germany. The project offers an effective method to enhance public interest and partic­i­pation in politics. It aims at the improvement of legislative processes through a coordi­nated exchange of infor­mation between voters, politi­cians and experts. Thus, a lasting, sustainable exchange between political stake­holders and civil society should be facil­i­tated. The first round of the HomePar­lia­ments which is dealing with the issue “America First” is running since 13 July to 24 August. Additional sessions are already in the making. The IEP is the scien­tific partner of the project.


Here you find infor­mation about what stands behind this idea, how to partic­ipate and how to become a host of your own European HomePar­liament. Invite friends, acquain­tances, colleagues, neighbors to political debates in your living room and co-decide on the future of Europe. This is where it begins: In accor­dance with a scien­tific developed framework and clear rules of commu­ni­cation. We hope you will enjoy debating European politics!

Plan of procedure of a HomeParliament:

You find further infor­mation about the HomePar­lia­ments here (in German): Fact Sheet

Register here as host of your own European HomePar­liament: Online Form

Contact Person:
Carolin Marx
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