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Handbook on Germany’s European Policy published

The Handbook on Germany’s European Policy is published in times of multiple crises and rising skepticism and concerns about Germany’s ties with the European Union. In this context it empha­sizes the impor­tance of European integration and the political and economic benefits Germany is gaining from its EU membership. Furthermore, Germany has a great impact on shaping the European integration process and the EU’s policy-making processes.

In this unique handbook 38 authors are analyzing Germany’s European Policy, its broad lines and basic concepts in important EU policy fields as well as Germany’s domestic deter­mi­nants, actors and most important bilateral relations to other EU member states. Therefore, this handbook proves to be a helpful guide for anyone who is dealing with various aspects of Germany’s European Policy in academic, political or practical ways.

You will find further infor­mation on our publi­cation website or you visit Nomos-Verlag.

With contri­bu­tions of:

Gabriele Abels, Peter Becker, Timm Beichelt, Ansgar Belke, Katrin Böttger, Christian Calliess, Christian Dreger, Henrik Enderlein, Severin Fischer, Katharina Gnath, Daniel Göler, Ines Hartwig, Martin Große-Hüttmann, Jörg Haas, Sven Hölscheidt, Rudolf Hrbek, Helge Jörgens, Mathias Jopp, Annette Jünemann, Henning Klodt, Wilhelm Knelangen, Michael Kreile, Ulrich Krotz, Agnieszka Lada, Barbara Lippert, Andreas Maurer, Stormy-Annika Mildner, Almut Möller, Gisela Müller-Brandeck-Bocquet, Oskar Nieder­mayer, Hans-Wolfgang Platzer, René Repasi, Barbara Saerbeck, Joachim Schild, Cara Catharina Stauß, Roland Sturm, Funda Tekin, Thomas von Winter.

With a foreword by Minister of State Michael Roth, MP.