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Half-time of EU association training series in Verhovna Rada of Ukrain

The 5th capacity devel­opment training for staffers of Ukrainian parlia­mentary committees was success­fully carried out by Constanze Aka from 30 June till 1 July in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The group worked on parlia­mentary EU coordi­nation in general and the cooper­ation of sectoral committees in particular. Basis for discussion was a field report from the Estonian Riigikogu. Furthermore, an active group session highlighted possi­bil­ities for Ukrainian engagement in inter­par­lia­mentary diplomacy.

The second day was devoted to the topics “market access for goods” and “customs and trade matters”. Exactly six months after the DCFTA entered into force, partic­i­pants had the oppor­tunity to debate principles and progress of DCFTA imple­men­tation with trade experts and government representatives.

Halfway through the workshop series this is how partic­i­pants see it:

“Thank you very much for an inter­esting training! You always invite very inter­esting speakers who can share their knowledge and experience with us. There is always good balance and mix of topics we discuss.”