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“From concept to application” – third CiSEP workshop on EU Project Cycle Management took place in Kyiv

From 4–6 July the third workshop of IEPs training series “Training the Trainers on EU Project Cycle Management” was success­fully imple­mented in Kyiv by Martin Stein, project manager at IEP. The trainings are part of IEPs ongoing work (Civic School for Sound EU Practice – CiSEP) to strengthen the capacity of Ukraine’s civil society in the framework of the EU-Ukraine associ­ation process.

To apply for funding to the European Union and to manage EU funded projects, the EU Project Cycle is the guide to do so. The first two trainings provided the 30 partic­i­pants with the skills and tools to look for funding oppor­tu­nities develop their project ideas and prepare a Logical Framework Matrix, an overview of the overall objec­tives, the purpose, results and activ­ities of their projects. This third workshop was dedicated to the Concept Note, a brief written summary of the project idea. Through presen­ta­tions, group works and a role play, conducted by a trainer from the Department for the EU State Aid Programme to BiH in Sarajevo, the partic­i­pants gained valuable insights in how the concept note is struc­tured, the do’s and don’ts while writing and of course regarding the formulation.

As the training series is a Training-the-Trainers, the partic­i­pants also received the oppor­tunity to improve their presen­tation skills (both digitally and analo­gously) to effec­tively pass on their knowledge to their fellow colleagues in their trainer roles. Throughout this and also the last workshop the partic­i­pants showed plenty of enthu­siasm and proved their willingness to work hard during and in-between the workshops.

The training series is organised in close cooper­ation with the Polissya Foundation for Inter­na­tional and Regional Studies and part of the larger IEP Capacity Building project on EU-Associ­ation-Trainings in Ukraine which is supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.

The next workshop took place from 8–10 August again in Lviv.