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Free Trade between the EU and Ukraine – Minority Protection in Turkey – Two more “IEP Policy Briefs on Enlargement and Neighbourhood” published

Which successes and barriers exist concerning the imple­men­tation of European standards in the Ukrainian market? Concerning the fields of technical regulation and share­holders’ rights, Dr. Julia Langbein, lecturer at the FU Berlin, offers recom­men­da­tions for more effective measures to promote imple­men­tation of the provi­sions of the Deep and Compre­hensive Free Trade Agreement.

Analysing minority protection in Turkey, Gözde Yilmaz, PhD candidate at the Berlin Graduate School for Transna­tional Studies, criti­cally evaluates the EU’s engagement in supporting further progress in this field thus far and points to necessary measures for a more compre­hensive minority protection in Turkey.

Both policy briefs are part of the electronic series, “IEP Policy Briefs on Enlargement and Neigh­bourhood,” which is dedicated to case studies of Europeani­sation evalu­ating the power the EU has to transform its neigh­bouring countries to foster stability, peace and prosperity. The series covers the enlargement countries as well as the eastern neigh­bours and the Mediter­ranean region. In its publi­ca­tions, young researchers inter alia from the Kolleg-Forscher­gruppe (KFG), “The Trans­for­mative Power of Europe,” and the Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP) present the results of their analysis in an abbre­viated, user friendly form focusing on policy recom­men­da­tions. “IEP Policy Briefs on Enlargement and Neigh­bourhood” are published in the framework of the research Project: “The EU’s policy towards Eastern Europe and Central Asia – A key role for Germany,” funded by the Otto Wolff-Foundation. The publi­cation is finan­cially supported by the Kolleg-Forschergruppe.