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Workshop “Disintegration as driver of the European unification process?” and book presentation in the Representation of Baden-Württemberg in Berlin

The workshop was based on the presen­tation of the book “On the concep­tion­al­i­sation of European disin­te­gration – tractive and counter­forces in the European integration process”, published by Dr. Annegret Eppler (University of Innsbruck) and Dr. Hendrik Scheller (University of Potsdam).

The publishers argued for a modifi­cation of the concept of European integration, partic­u­larly in light of the financial and economic crisis, towards a concep­tion­al­i­sation of European integration as a dialec­tical inter­action between integration and disin­te­gration. Thereby, disin­te­gration is conceived as a process of erosion in several dimen­sions (insti­tu­tionally, judicially, econom­i­cally, terri­to­rially), which can take systemic as well as socio­cul­tural forms and takes place overtly or covertly. According to the publishers, such a conception could counteract the normative and consti­tu­tional bias of previous integration theories, which value further integration over disin­te­gration and neglect the socio­cul­tural in favour of the insti­tu­tional, systemic dimension.

The subse­quent discussion was chaired by Dr. Katrin Böttger and featured Prof. Dr. Andreas Maurer (University of Innsbruck), Prof. Dr. Martin Höpner (Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, Cologne), Dr. Wilhelm Knelangen (University of Kiel) and Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Christian Joerges (Hertie-School of Gover­nance, Berlin).

The book is available for purchase in the Nomos Shop.

Phillip Handy