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Concluding event of the project TruLies — The Truth about Lies on Europe

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The populist danger is more real than ever. Throughout Europe and beyond, political forces are on the rise, mobilizing more and more supporters and voters through simpli­fi­cation, fear and distortion. European populism in particular, which is based more on emotions than on actual facts and truths, is currently booming.

Against this backdrop, and based on the assumption that Euroscep­ticism does not have a destructive effect per se, the Institute for European Politics (IEP), in co-operation with Das Progressive Zentrum (DPZ) conceived and imple­mented the project “TruLies Europe”, with the aim of contributing to the objec­tivization of the debate on European politics in Germany.

The official closing event of the “TruLies — The Truth about Lies on Europe” project took place on Wednesday, 24 May 2017 at the Stiftung Merca­tor’s Projek­tzentrum Berlin, Neue Promenade 6, 10178 Berlin.

In addition to a brief presen­tation of the project results, a panel discussion entitled “The Digital Fight Against Windmills? Fact Checking in the Age of Fake News.” was on the program. The agenda can be found here.

In the course of the TruLies project, “fact sheets” were developed for the topics “Migration/Asylum”, “EMU/Financial Policy” and “Political System and Democ­ratic Issues concerning the European Union”. Previous publi­ca­tions of the project can be found on our project home page

An event report will follow.